Thursday, August 13, 2009

As Superman goes around the world to reverse time, so goes Oobie! spoken by my guild's leader Keltos, known to the guild as Pete.

So for one reason or another we had decided to work on Flame Leviathan hard mode that night once we were relegated to 10s due to poor attendance. Since we'd already killed Yogg-Saron I personally had no problem with this so i was in good spirits at the time. With no immediate normal mode progression left, why not start with Flame Leviathan(FL)?

Now, in regards to FL I have a very specific role, one that I take on every week as I have the most practice with it. During the encounter one player is launched out of a catapult, landing on top of FL. Once there that person knocks out the turrets mounted on FL causing an overload and allowing the rest of the raid to do significantly more damage for a short time.

During this fight the entire raid is riding various types of vehicles and it's the vehicles that take all the damage for this particular encounter. Because of this mechanic it's not necessary to buff the raid as the vehicles are the workhorses. In my role, however, it is still my character doing the damage while riding FL, so I am usually buffed before I get in a vehicle.

One of our Paladins didn't get his buff on me before I got into the vehicle and loaded myself into the catapult, and the only way to get out of the catapult is to be launched out of it. Of course, if I don't have FL to land on I would die from fall damage after being launched out; this presented us with something of a conundrum and I was willing to just go without the buff, but Pete had an idea... what would happen if he drove up to a pillar and launched me into the side of it? As long as the initial launch didn't kill me I'd just clip on the pillar and fall a reasonable distance to the ground and survive, right?

I can only blame myself for what happened next. Pete asked the question and I enthusiastically answered, "Do it!"

He did. And I didn't clip on the pillar.

He launched me straight through the pillar, but I didn't die! I flew through the air directly at FL, who had been minding his own business waiting for us to engage, landing on his back in prime turret killing position starting the encounter!

Luckily for us, the rest of the raid had been milling around outside the encounter area, so when I engaged the walls around FL's area went up, locking out most of the raid. It was a wipe, called and executed fairly quickly. One of the great things about my guild though is that we were all able to laugh it off as we flew back into the instance, but wait....

We zoned in and the blue bubble over the entrance area was back up... that shuts off when you start clearing trash! WTF! It turns out that Pete had launched me so hard it tore a wormhole through the fabric of WoW, causing the entire raid to make a quantum leap into the past before we had cleared trash!

We ended up coming back and clearing hard mode after a few more attempts, ratcheting up Glory of the Ulduar raider one more achievement closer to a Rusted Proto-Drake, but I'll always remember being launched so hard it reset the instance!

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