Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome to my own personal brand of insanity....

Welcome to my new blog. Please allow myself to introduce... myself.

Many who know me call me by the name of Oobie. It's a title I've held for near of a decade now, through 3 separate MMOs. I did a 4 year stint of Everquest in it's hayday, spent a good half year on EQ2 and have been cruisin around the World of Warcraft more or less since it's been out.

My main focus here will be the trials and tribulations experienced vicariously through my main character - a PvE focused Elemental Shaman. I do, however, paint a bit broader pallet as a gamer in general so it's much more than likely that I'll touch on other game both video and non. I'm a fan of RPGs, Magic: The Gathering, all kinds of PC and console games and movies. You know, the kickass ones.

Stay tuned!

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